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IHIC 2019 will be connected to the second edition of Integraton, an HL7 Poland event oriented on interoperability testing, including peer-to-peer connectivity between systems of participating teams.

Representatives of testing teams willing to participate in Integraton (2-5 people) are requested to contact us. Participation in Integraton 2019 is free of charge for companies that are organizational members of HL7 Poland and other teams will pay a regular fee of 2500 PLN (ca. 575 €) per team. The fee includes IHIC 2019 conference participation for all members of the team.

A floor tour will be organized for non-testers, who are participants of IHIC 2019.

Planned test scope

  • Clinical document exchange according to IHE XDS.b profile including validation of their conformance to Polish National Implementation Guide for HL7 CDA
  • HL7 V2 based ordering and reporting of diagnostic services inlcuding optional exchange of clinical documents conformant to Polish National Implementation Guide for HL7 CDA
  • GS1 barcode decoding to HL7 FHIR resource according to IHE UBP profile
  • FHIR terminology services

Integraton is a new initiative of HL7 Poland with its first edition on 5-6 Nov 2018. The Tukan platform is used as a testing bed for validation and peer-to-peer testing.