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Wednesday 11 July 2018
1300Tutorials part 1
1500Tutorials part 2
1645Address of Welcome (Philip Scott)
1830Evening Reception aboard HMS Warrior
Thursday 12 July 2018
0900Registration & coffee
0930Opening keynote: Solving the Modelling Dilemma as a Foundation for Interoperability (Bernd Blobel)
1010Session 1: Quality improvement
A comparison of business rule management systems and standards for the implementation of clinical decision support systems using data from structured CDA documents (Peter Seifter, Stefan Sabutsch and Jeroen S. de Bruin)
Standardizing Medical Quality Assurance and Control in Germany based on HL7 FHIR (Frank Oemig, Bernd Blobel)
1110Break & posters
1140Session 2: Testing and implementation
Interoperability Specifications and Conformance Testing Services Made Available on the Tukan Platform (Sebastian Bojanowski, Roman Radomski, Marcin Grudzień, Daniel Matras, Paweł Masiarz and Maciej Łańko)
Supporting implementation with synthetic patient data (Charlie McCay)
1330Session 3: Overcoming local and global barriers
Panel discussion: Resolving practical implementation issues (Philip Scott, Dunmail Hodkinson, Robert Worden, Rahmatullah Mohammed)
Global information sharing: Update on the International Patient Summary (Kai Heitmann)
1430Break & posters
1500Session 4: Consent and trust for care and research
A Model for Implementing an Interoperable Electronic Consent Form for Medical Treatment (Anna M. Lackerbauer, Alvin C. Lin, Oliver Krauss, Jason Hearn and Emmanuel Helm)
GDPR Compliance Challenges for Interoperable Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Trustworthy Research Environments (TREs) (Ed Conley, Matthias Pocs)
1600Closing keynote: How do you know when you have interoperability? (Ed Hammond)
1640Joachim Dudeck award (Bernd Blobel)
1700Conference close (Philip Scott)